Cannot see who has heard me in database (RESOLVED, MANY THANKS!!!)

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Cannot see who has heard me in database (RESOLVED, MANY THANKS!!!)

First off: Problem has been resolved by the generous amounts of friendship that I have received. I appreciate all my friends in the hobby that took the time to help me out. I received posts via email like I asked. Now, I feel comfortable using the forum. Again, thanks. The problem was that first, I need to update my profile, many helpers read my profile and read the manual for an old radio, hit on me, sorry, I shall fix my profile. But, the key thing is that there were so many helpful contributions, that I had a big list to help me go through and fix this. The new radio is an Yaesu FT 817. Bottom line, AGC must be on auto; mode must be DIG (and menu set to USER-U); AT 200 PRO must be in pass through after a manual tune, was getting "HSWR" message on only .5W. So, with the many leads I received from the community, I am being heard and hearing all over the world. This is a world community hobby, many thanks to friends from far and wide that replied. Again, thanks, I have only had my license for 2 years with no commo background, but I learned alot. Thank you. MATT STMARIE.

I have been using WSPR for 6 months. I just recently figured out the map, it is who I am hearing. I upload my log book to the database, directions say "upload file ALL_MEPT.TXT", I can only find on my computer and upload "ALL_WSPR.TXT". I report spots when using WSPR and WSPR-X automatically by checking "upload spots" box. I am trying to search the database to see who is and where is hearing me. I do not come up at all. However, if I search database for who I have heard, quite a lot comes up. I am new to HAM, and would really like to see who is hearing me. I have checked stations on the map, and some say "hearing K4ODA". Please help. I am a disabled veteran, I love digital, and would really appreciate any help. I got WSPR-X working on my new QRP rig just two days ago, and I am receiving and uploading. Please help. I would appreciate any help being sent to my email address on QRZ:::: K4ODA@OUTLOOK.COM.i am not very savvy on forums. Would really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance.