Callsign hashing and type 2 and 3 messages

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Callsign hashing and type 2 and 3 messages


I have found all information that I needed about WSPR Type 1 messages. I can generate messages and WSPR received them fine.

Now I need to know how to compose Type 2 and Type 3 messages. K1JT's WSPR 2.0 User’s Guide has a section "Further details on the structure of WSPR Messages", but i can't find the details detailed enough.
- Which hashing alg is used for callsigns? Is there an implementation source I can look at?
- How is a 6-character locator source encoded? A compound callsign?
- It seems all three types have 7 bits allocated for the power level but only 6 are used. Is the remaining bit reserved?

Regards, Soren