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New user question

Recently returned to amateur radio after a gap of about 15 yrs. Started on WSPR recently by building an ultimate U3 then added a GPS, 2* extra FET's and an 8v PA.
All appears to be fine but no reports (20M set to 14.971Mhz)
Left it for a while but still no reports.
Set up my FT847 with WSPR 2.12. FT847 set to 14.0956Mhz as indicated, power set as low as possible approx 4W and received plenty of reports in just 30 mins including VK2 and VK3 couldn't believe that one !

Back to the U3 changed frequency to 14.0956 but still no luck. Had hoped that this is were I was going wrong.

I suspect I am not understanding something simple here but not sure what it is.
Could be power a bit low from the U3 or I'm not setting the correct frequency?

Any assistance appreciated

Many thanks