Interesting !

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Interesting !

I just got this email, I reduced the Output power to 5 watts, and still strong signals!


Some incredibly strong signals from you on WSPR 20m today:

1600 -7 -0.9 14.097129 0 OE3SZA JN78 40
1610 8 -0.8 14.097129 0 OE3SZA JN78 40

Yes +8dB at 16:10z - a change of 15dB in ten minutes! I notice you are running 40dBm (10W). Do you think it might be interesting to reduce your power to say 5W or less? Fully understand if this is the rig's lowest setting; if so you can try an attenuator in-between?

I am running about 2W into my trap dipole in my loft and still I note that you report me as:
M0MGH 14.097183 -4 0 IO93kh 2 OE3SZA JN78

Must be a very good path between us.

Kind regards / Mit viellen Gruessen,

Mike M0MGH"

Vy73 de OE3SZA Sebastian