FT-817ND, SignaLink USB Help

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FT-817ND, SignaLink USB Help

I'm having trouble getting my FT-817ND up and running on WSPR2.12 using a SignaLink USB. I have WSPR4 working fine on my FT-897D and a separate SignaLinks USB on a separate desktop PC Win 7(64), so have confirmed the antenna (a OCF dipole) is working fine Rx/Tx.

I can get DigiPan to Tx on the FT-817ND and have adjusted the USB Audio CODEC at 100% Speaker/50% App on Win 8.1. Using HAM Radio Deluxe, I can control the FT-817ND via the RT Systems CAT-62 cable, and am able to change frequency/mode OK via HRD.

My PC and FT-817ND are set at 38400/8/none/2/none on COM3, as is WSPR2.12. WSPR2.12 will tune-up, with the SignaLink USB PTT going RED as expected, but the frequency doesn't set right on the FT-817ND, and stays where the dial is set. Again, HRD works fine on CAT control. The PC is a Dell Venue tablet running Win 8.1, and I have both the SignaLink USB and USB-62 CAT cable on a powered USB3 Hub, as the tablet has only 1 USB port.

The FT-817ND is set on DIG Mode with USER-U selected on 5 watts Tx power, antenna set to Rear.

I've scoured the forum but must be missing something...appreciate some help!

[NOTE: Oddly WSPR4 won't run on the tablet - the Command Prompt window flashes open and closes, showing multiple lines that I can't read so fast...]