As you may have heard, a number of us have been WSPRing from within program WSJT-X in recent weeks. Up to now you could do this only if you built the program yourself, from source code. Many people have been asking when a version of WSJT-X including WSPR might be made more widely available, so here's an update.

WSPR mode has been a functional part of WSJT-X for less than a month. The program is in a state of active development: it changes in some way nearly every day. Other recent development work is centered on flexible rig control and applications at VHF and above, for EME and the like.

If you are interested in testing an alpha release of WSJT-X that supports WSPR, and providing us with feedback on your experiences, I have posted a downloadable installation file at Please note that the program runs equally well on Linux and Macintosh machines, but this package is for Windows only.

The online WSJT-X User Guide is reasonably complete and up-to-date for JT9 and JT65 -- the original modes included in WSJT-X -- but as yet includes very little about WSPR or JT4. However, most users have found the program easy to set up and use for WSPRing. I expect that other successful users will be quick to respond to setup questions posted here.

WSPR mode in WSJT-X v1.6 (r5499) is already highly capable. It does automatic band hopping with full rig control, and its decoder is the fastest and most sensitive one available. We (the WSJT Development Group) look forward to learning of your experiences with it!

A screen shot of WSJT-X running in WSPR mode at K1JT is posted here:

Set up your WSPR band-hopping as shown here:
For bands listed in the "Tune" entry field, WSJT-X executes a user-defined script to activate an automatic antenna tuner, as in earlier versions of WSPR.

-- 73, Joe, K1JT