Poor Antenna, or Not Transmitting?

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Poor Antenna, or Not Transmitting?

I have a 1st "mini-rig" (FT-817ND, SignaLink USB, LDG Z-11ProII atu and MFJ-828 SWR/Power Meter running WSPR4 on a Win8.1 Dell Venue tablet). My antenna is a OCF random wire dipole (two "L"s of 27g stealth wire running up the sides of my house ~15ft, then out to trees in the front and back yards, tied into a LDG 4:1 balun outside) with coax running into my shack through a ferrite toroid choke and into my atu.

When I key the mic and whistle up on the WSPR frequencies, the atu tunes to SWR < 1.5 on 10, 12, 15, 17, 20M with ~5W power, as expected. When WSPR4 band-hops, the atu see the frequency change and memory tunes, but no FWD/REF power is read. I can hear a tone through the SignaLink USB monitor jack on earbuds, but no power is registered on WSPR4 Tx..

I see no Rx of my Tx, even when using a 2nd rig (FT-897D, SignaLink USB, atu, SWR/Powermeter, G5RV 102ft antenna) close by. My 1st "mini-rig" (FT-817ND & random wire dipole) can hear +13 when the 2nd rig (FT-897D, G5RV) transmits, but nothing vice versa.

So I'm thinking my 1st "mini-rig" doesn't Tx on WSPR4 (or WSPR2, I tried it).

{NOTE: Tried turning SigaLink Tx knob fully CW, and AL meter is still on zero on FT-817ND, as is separarte SWR/Power Meter]

Any help appreciated!