WSJT-X & WSPR new user questions

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WSJT-X & WSPR new user questions

With some gracious help I got developmental 1.6.1x versions of WSJT-X compiled on Debian 8 AMD64 Linux a few weeks ago and things have been working well. I've got some basic questions regarding WSPR. The WSJT-X online manual doesn't yet seem to make mention of the WSPR mode operation. I understand my version is pretty bleeding-edge, so what would be the best fallback documention I might reference, in order to better familiarize myself with its operation (for example, band hopping, the TUNE button, etc.).

I'm running my Kenwood TS-590 + G5RV in RX mode today on 20m. When I go to the Activity map here, I only see an "R" after my callsign. No frequency given. Am I missing a toggle or somesuch in WSJT-X that would upload the frequency I'm tuned to for RX? Or does that value indicate a station's frequency that they're TX'ing on?

73, KD0KZE / Paul