15m long path 30000km

Had some interesting WSPR reports on 15m with Hisa, 7L4IOU, on 15m this morning.

After checking VOACAP and doing some research, I think these were long path reports. This would be a record WSPR distance for me at 30073km. Next highest is VK6XT on 20m at 22509km.

2015-06-19 14:44 7L4IOU 21.096056 -9 0 PM95wr 2 KB9AMG EN52tx 9991 33

2015-06-19 14:48 KB9AMG 21.096043 -26 0 EN52tx 5 7L4IOU PM95wr 9991 323

2015-06-19 15:04 7L4IOU 21.096057 -23 0 PM95wr 2 KB9AMG EN52tx 9991 33

I was listening on 15m from about 1404z until 1546zz (local time 9:04am-10:46am).

From the WSPR spots, I can see 7L4IOU transmitted at 1408z, 1426z, 1444z (-9db), 1504z (-23db), and 1542z. I heard 7L4IOU at 14:44 (4 hours 44 minutes after JA sunset), and 15:04.

I heard no other DX on 15m during this time but did hear several NA stations (AE7YQ, K2PSD, K9AN, KE7A, VE3PKT, VE3KCL, and WA1DLZ). Other than 7L4IOU, the only other station to hear me was WB6YUY.

The WSPR spots showed that I was the only NA station that 7L4IOU heard or was heard by during this time. The other spots for 7L4IOU were all with European stations OH6GKW, LA3JJ, R3LW, DJ8HF, and F59706.

I didn't know that 15m was staying open so long after sunset. The reports I exchanged with 7L4IOU were almost 5 hours after JA sunset.

I set up my SDR-IQ to monitor 15m CW with CW skimmer during the night while the all asian dx CW contest was going on. Heard some SA, JA, and west coast US stations until about 0550z (about 4 hours 10 minutes after my sunset).

I thought the band was closed, then at 0612z (1:12am local) started to hear some long path European stations (SN7Q, TA3D, SP3HLM, and LA7GIA). Most stations were heard between 0612 and 0629z, but I did hear SN7Q one more time at 0701z.

All CW signals were very weak. The strongest signal was from TA3D at 0618z. This was 4 hours 42 minutes after my sunset. (Almost the same exact amount of time after JA sunset that I first heard 7L4IOU at -9db on 15m this morning).

Carl K9LA has a nice explanation of 10/12/15m long path here:


And lots of other good propagation info at http://www.k9la.us/