WSPR on 50 MHz (6m band)

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WSPR on 50 MHz (6m band)

In my opinion WSPR is perfectly matching to this magic band. It allows to catch openings to unexpected directions, to determine best time / strongest signal time etc. I run sometimes a homebrew beacon (TX only) from my home (perhaps later I find more suitable QTH), the results are promissing... As the main problem I see the activity. To be efficient the system requires high density of both RX and TX stations, much more than on HF. As you can see in database, there are currently spots from only small parts of the world. Unfortunately there is no activity from several "big HAM nations", no idea why. I would like it to change in future...
Maybe one thing that could be interesting - the stability of basic oscillator should be better on 6m that on HF. Initially I started with simple XO chip / it was definitely not sufficient. The heat generated by PA module caused drift of several Hz - too much. But when I replaced the XO with TCXO 0.5 ppm it solved the problem - the stability is sufficient, also without GPS sync.
Another point - 50 MHz is not permitted in some countries (like UA3), but that doesn't prevent RX only operation (sending spots). It could be interesting from HAMs from that countries.
73 Pavel OK1DX