IC-7100 & WSPR-X audio stops?

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IC-7100 & WSPR-X audio stops?

Hi Everybody,

I've been finally getting around to setting up my IC-7100 with WSPR-X. It all seems to work OK as far as PTT control (no on-air transmitting yet), but I'm having a reliability problem with the USB audio interface.

Symptoms I am seeing with WSPR-X... it seems to stop decoding incoming audio, usually within a few hours. The waterfall freezes, my station disappears from the wspr.net map, the green audio level indication stops. If I change the audio input options, it seems to come back... but always freezes again.

If I use my PCI audio card together with a SL-1+ it works fine for days.

Any other IC-7100/WSPR-X users here able to share their audio set ups?