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Received this message today from Doug, K4LY : Anyone have any suggestions?


Just got on WSPR yesterday and after doing well, transmit and receive on 30 and 40 meters, I decided to listen on 60M tonight hearing both of you and ZS6SRL and ZS1OA even before my sunset.

My problem is this, I've tried to create on WSPRnet many times and have not heard back from them via email with my password IF one has been assigned?

When I try to change my password, the response is that K4LY and DougK4LY@gmail is already in use. However, I've never gotten WSPR to actually recognize my call (username) or email address and always get a variation on the following- that WSPR does not recognize my username or recognize my email address as an email address.

The WSPRnet computer always tells me that it doesn't recognize my call as a username or my email address as an email address.

I see no way to contact anyone at WSPRnet about this problem and would appreciate if you would appreciate my problem on the forum. <<<<<