Hello and WSPR beacon project...

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Hello and WSPR beacon project...

I want to share with you my project I have been working on. Some of you may have already come in contact with it.

I have been working on a WSPR beacon for the last year or so.
Here is a picture of the board:

Link to Picture

The board on the left is the PA(Power Amplifier) and puts out 30dBm or 1 Watt, the board on the right is the modulator and MCU(Micro Controller Unit).
The modulator by it's self puts out 0dBm or 1mW.

I'm using a atmega32u2 which supports USB, the current plan is to have a CLI(Command Line Interface) over a virtual com port via the USB interface.
The CLI will support changing the transmitted callsign, power out and grid square.
With more options, like frequency offset, and band selection.

One of the nice things about the atmega32u2 is you can re-flash the chip over USB, so there is no need for programming hardware to change the firmware.

This board in it's final design can serve as a VFO, or be use for other modes of transmission.

To keep it in sync with UTC I'm using a GPS module, so there's no need to set a clock that gets out of sync.

So that's the rig I'm currently using on the air. Here are some of my reports:

2015-08-25 06:14 KJ6ICA 14.097109 -23 0 CN70vr 1 VK2EFM QF56pn 11942 241
2015-08-26 00:46 KJ6ICA 14.097069 -22 0 CN70vr 1 LU5FF FF99rf 10294 130
2015-08-25 15:22 KJ6ICA 14.097096 -24 0 CN70vr 1 DK6UG JN49cm 8955 29

Now, I know you all want to see the backyard :)

I'm using a vertical antenna which is grounded in the salt water of the bay, and sit almost over the water, and is 43 feet tall.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Thanks for reading,