Introduction and a question

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Introduction and a question

Hello WSPR Community. As of 9/13/15 I've had a new WSPR station on the air. Operating a GPS tamed QRP Labs Ultimate 3S generating 23 dBm TPO on 80, 40, 30, and 10M. But on 20M for some reason my test equipment shows only 17 dBm (might be a bad low pass filter. Still troubleshooting). Antenna is a many decades old Cushcraft multiband vertical. It's sort of effective on 20 and 40 (SWR sub 4:1) Horrible on 30 (SWR 11:1) bad on 80 (6:1), and dead perfect 1.2:1 on 10.

Interesting, I've been heard on every band except 10M. Shifted freq from the upper 50 kHz to the lower 50 kHz. Still no activity.

Are the number of 10M receivers limited? Any suggestions on why I seem to be silent on 10 would be appreciated.

I'm still building a Softrock based receiver, which I hope to have in service in the next 30 days. Does any one know of software that would allow the Ensemble II to receive multiple bands simultaneously (much like the Hermes project)? If so, I'd appreciate hearing about such software.

I look forward to being an active part of the WSPR Community. Please let me know what I can do to be a better contributor.

Cheers... KA3JIJ