WSPR Crash on Tx - After Hours...Why?

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WSPR Crash on Tx - After Hours...Why?

When band-hopping using WSPR 4.0 r5489 on 160-10 (no Tx on 60m) I find that the app crashes within hours. My shack is a Yaesu FT-897D (5W) with a SignaLink USB to my Win10 PC. The G5RV antenna is remotely tuned at the base with an LDG-RT-100 autotuner, which is grounded at the base as well. I have Super Choker units at the base and at my rig as well.

I have the same version of the app running continuously for days & weeks, hopping 160-10m, on another Win10 PC, SignaLink, rig-based autotuner and Yaesu FT-817ND (1W) on a random-wire dipole antenna, which seems a harder case for RF isolation.

If I mute Tx, the app runs for days, so it seems to be Tx-related. I have started tests to see if one band might be the culprit, and so far find the unit ran 12hr on 40m. I have just switched to 30m and will step through bands to see if I'm getting RF to my rig on any one band.

I'll admit I'm not sure if it's RF, but figure there could be some RF on my USB connection to my PC that crashes just the WSPR app, but that seems far-fetched.

What else, other than RF, might account for the Tx crash on one system but not the other?