more WSPR stats

Added some new WSPR stats to my website. It is similar to the RBN section and has some advantages over the top wspr spots/spotters stats which are only updated monthly. The new WSPR stats section provides daily stats for all stations (tx/rx, SWL, or tx-only), uses full callsigns (multiple /'s, dashes, and underscores), handles 4 or 6-digit grid squares, and adds the power level (dBm) to transmit stations.

Look for "WSPR Spots stats" near the bottom of the webpage at

Some changes to the display of the data has been made since the November data was posted. The December data is easier to read.

The sections called "top wspr spotters by callsign" and "top wspr spots by callsign 0-9,A-Z" near the top of the new section provide a summary of the number of different calls heard or heard by for each station on each day and band and shows monthly totals.