WSPR IQ SDR demodulator for wsprlinux

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WSPR IQ SDR demodulator for wsprlinux

wsprlinux has been extended with an IQ USB demodulator and can now be used with conventional radios as well as SDR radios. Even simple home made IQ mixer will give reasonable results. The complete functions for the sound card, IQ demodulation and FFT for spectrum and waterfall diagrams have been made in a separate C++ program.

It is a command line program "iqcapture" and handles all what is needed to make an WSPR receiver. It is fully compatible with K1JT/K9ANs WSPR decoder.
If you want to make your own homebrew WSPR software you are welcome to use iqcapture as a frontend for the sound card.
The source code can be found here:

It is fully integrated in the new version 3.03 of Visual-WSPR (previously called wsprlinux)

If you update from a previous wsprlinux version then delete all files except wspr21.dt (which is your data base) and u02armrx.cfg (which is the configuration file) and copy the new files in your folder. It is no problem if you accidentially delete the database since it will be rebuilt automatically.

I have it currently running with a two-chip receiver using the AD8333 on a RaspberryPi 2-ModB. The results are very promising (see the opening on 630m between US and EU on 1.1.16 in WG2XKA's blog).

vy 73, Kurt, DJ0ABR