receiving odd wspr reports

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receiving odd wspr reports

I'm running wspr on 32 bit W7 machine. The receiver is a homebrew SDR. Lately I have been receiving some very odd wspr signals. Here is a copy from the database. If you do a search on wa5ngp in teh old database you will see my reports.

2016-01-11 22:28 G63AMK 14.097007 -9 -2 CF63 +17 0.050 WA5NGP EM10cn 8059 5008
2016-01-11 19:14 L99ZRF 14.097017 -21 -3 QA01 +7 0.005 WA5NGP EM10cn 13490 8382
2016-01-11 00:20 AA7FV 14.097060 -13 1 DM42pg +33 1.995 WA5NGP EM10cn 1240 771

The callsigns don't look valid but the grid locations are from the south Pacific or antartica. I don't see anyone else reporting these signals. This looks very weird.

I had something like this happen a few days ago, similar odd reporting.

I wonder if somehow my decoding software has gotten corrupted and is giving flakey results? My experience with software is it either works fine or not, never just giving flakey results. Some kind of operator error? I have not tinkered with any of the settings since installation many months ago.

My SDR has a very wide bandwidth, like 2mhz, and is susceptible to images. Maybe I'm picking up some other signals besides wspr?