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Self Edit

We really NEED the ability to correct entries ourselves. I am sure that most users would prefer to be able to REMOVE faulty records caused by noise or wrong band settings. The bad spots caused by noise are very vexing, you try your best to run a clean station yet the inevitable bad spots happen to everyone, it sits on the map and in the database like a great big zit on your nose with flashing lights and sirens telling everyone of your mis-fortune ( a very slight enlargement of reality but you know what I mean!)

At least that registered user should have the ability to ERASE bad spots from the record. That does not seem to be a very hard thing to do although it would need a secure login with perhaps a second password sent to the user during registration to make deletions of that user's records only.

Although we are asked for email addresses many users don't have valid email addresses available to other registered users so we end up with people sending wrong band info for days or weeks. Other web based services allow short messages to be sent to other users, that's a VERY useful service if people want to stay at periscope depth but still be addressable.

What do you think?