Getting WSPR to Work with an Icom IC-7600

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Getting WSPR to Work with an Icom IC-7600

I hope this might be useful to anyone trying to get WSPR to work with an Icom IC-7600.

Previously I had found setting up WSPR to work with a Kenwood TS-590 through USB and an Icom IC-706 through a SignaLink USB very straightforward.

However when it subsequently came to setting up an Icom IC-7600, it seemed more challenging! Immediately the RX audio was fine, but attempting to TX did not initially work. On "Googling" the issue, I found several other users who had a similar problem, but very few answers!

It seems that Icom radios cannot be used with VOX to activate PTT when sending the audio to the radio via the USB port. Therefore CAT control has to be used.

I was using version 2.0 of WSPR and the Icom 7600 is not listed under CAT control, so it would not work. I therefore uninstalled version 2.0 and installed version 2.12, set the correct radio parameters and off it went with no trouble at all.

I have added my notes to this web page in case it is of help to anyone else:

73, Mike.