Congratulations to PA Amateurs on VHF/UHF WSPR Event!

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Congratulations to PA Amateurs on VHF/UHF WSPR Event!

In case you havn't been noticed, have a look at the 2m (or even 70cm and 23 cm) WSPR map or database for the last day or so, including March 6th, 2016. PA-land VHFers are showing a very impressive turnout on WSPR, with at least 40 stations on 2m spotting or being spotted. These spots include international paths to UK, Germany and Denmark as well.

I have no details but it appears to be an event encouraged by VRZA, the "Association of Amateur Radio Operators". I'm impressed not only by the very large turnout but also by the relatively good average frequency stability. Perhaps someone from VRZA or involved in the exercise can comment here.

I hope this will encourage others to give VHF and UHF WSPR a try. It's fascinating and yields surprising results.

Good job!

Glenn n6gn