John C Peterson modded wsprx code, for spot uploading failure??

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John C Peterson modded wsprx code, for spot uploading failure??

shows a post I found via Google of a code modification for wsprx.

I found what may or may not be a good e-mail address for John C Peterson and sent the following. I am also wondering if this code mod is available form any wspr depository and would anyone have a link please? Thanks.

"Good afternoon, I hope you don't mind my direct mail? I had been doing
some Googling re a problem with wsprx failing to upload spots. I
narrowed it down to times when the map server fails to respond in a
timely manner, which is common at the moment. It appears you found a
piece of code that caused wsprx to fail to upload any further spots
after a period of no responsiveness? I think I have understood that
correctly, I am no coder at all!

May I ask if an .exe file is available with your changes to run under
Windows 7 64 bit Pro? I am not technically competent to build from a
source file I am afraid, but if that is all that's available could you
please point me to it and I will try and badger someone to do it for

I am currently running wsprx V0.8 R3058 but happy to use an earlier
version with the modded code.

Again, apologies for the direct mail, I run a station on LF (136kHz)
and people are glad of all the spots they can get on this tricky band.
Al the best John, thanks for reading.

2E0ILY, England."