Alternate data presentation for WSJT-X decodes

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Alternate data presentation for WSJT-X decodes

Capturing the WSJT-X data from the actual decode window includes distance from your station.
This distance data is not stored in the local decoded database.

Capturing the decode window is done with a right-click of the mouse, Select-All, then another right-click of the mouse and Copy.
The data is now in the clipboard and must be saved to a text file, by pasting it in Notepad or other text editor.

The text file is then filtered by a small program I wrote that generates an HTML file for viewing the changed presentation of data.

Changing the presentation to group all decoded station by station name, then by time allows to view propagation is much better.
Additionally, the Km/W value is calculated, and a relative bar graph of S/N is added to that value.

If some WSJT-X users are interested, I can post the link to the Windows executable that will enable you to do the same.

Gerard VE3GF