Wspr 0.5? A Question For Developers

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Wspr 0.5? A Question For Developers
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Hello and thanks for reading.

Perhaps this has already been addressed, apologies if I missed it. We have Wspr-2 which I find covers most requirements from 630-10m. There is also Wspr-15, I have tried it too. Also there are other modes for MS etc. All great.

I know there are other data modes developed for VHF and above. But as far as I know - I am quite dim at times - nothing specifically for VHF in the Wspr pallet. The kind of thing I would envisage is a wider band shorter burst version of, say, 30 seconds.

'This can be done already in other modes stupid!' The voices in my head tell me. Perhaps so, but they lack the most important element of the whole shebang: Wspr-net reporting.

All the detractors I have read, or conversed with (more accurately was shouted at, by) diregard the central importance of the reporting side. Other sites are available - I found them less good.

So a 30 second Wspr 0.5 for VHF experimentation. I won't go in depth on the need; simply the effect of scatter, drift, tropo fluctuations on Wspr 2 above 30 mhz over a 2 minute transmission.

Shocking thought: 30 second Wspr!

Or is it?