Doppler correction with WSPR for FMT

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Doppler correction with WSPR for FMT

Hello everyone,
I think I caught the Time/Frequency Nut bug and have been thinking about doppler effects for the Frequency Measuring Test (FMT). I tested my hand at it this April 2016 for the first time with decent results (beginners luck I'm sure) with a Flex 3000 and K1JT's FMT program. I have wondered about the utility of WSPR to long term map ionospheric doppler for correction during/post processing for the test. My thought is to use GPS/high stability WSPR transmitters that are consistently beaconing (near the FMT transmit sites preferably) as measures of doppler. These reference WSPR transmitters would have a known frequency and could be used to correct for band and location doppler effects. It would require dual monitoring and recording, but I think it could allow for some level of understanding the doppler in a region.

As a new operator in WSPR and precision measurements, I was curious on the community's expertise on this.

Brandon WØGPR