VK5MR relocating to SA Outback - Antenna Suggestions?

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VK5MR relocating to SA Outback - Antenna Suggestions?

Hi all,

Firstly its been great to have a WSPR station over the past couple of years.
There have been many highlights and have enjoyed those who have messaged me from all over the world.
It has been great living on a farm (PF96LH) with enough room to have some large HF antennas.
I'm currently using 5 160m OCF dipoles as my main antennas on the lower HF bands.

All good things come to an end, I will be packing up the radio station over the next few weeks and moving to PF89KK,Roxby Downs in outback SA. It will be back to having a standard house block but I will have a WSPR station once I redesign my antenna system.

Thanks again to all WSPRers, I really have enjoyed the mode.

At this stage I will be moving early June and plan to pull the plug on my current station some time in May.

If you have any suggestions for my new house block antennas feel free to respond to this message.
Whether it will be possible to run my current 10 band WSPR system from my new location will depend on how creative I can be with my antenna system.

As it was once said, "I'll be back"...