Adding a 222 MHz frequency ? (1.25 meter band)

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Adding a 222 MHz frequency ? (1.25 meter band)


I designed a couple of beacons for VHF & UHF operation, including the 1.25 meter band (220/222 MHz).
The beacon works great with PI4 and WSPR (using an integrated GPSDO), but the frequency for this band is missing for WSPR & WSJT-X.

Is it possible to define a new frequency for this band, and place a feature request for further versions of WSPR and WSJT-X ?

Something like 222.280 MHz (dial) ?

FYI, a picture of my beacon on Twitter :
(The code is already on Github, and I will publish the gerbers files & schematic soon)

Good day,
Guenael / VA2GKA