817nd & zlp cat

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817nd & zlp cat


I can't get the cat control working, I am using a zlp cat interface and the Signalink for the s/c side of things. The Signalink is all working ok as the rig will tx when I click tune in idle, I have also used the exact set up in hrd the cat control is working so must be something in wspr station parameters ? I have the following settings,

PTT method DTR
PTT port None

Enable CAT ticked
Cat port COM10 (this is correct as it works in hrd)
Rig number 120 yaesu FT817
Serial rate 9600 (Also 9600 in rig)
Data bits 8
Stop bits 2
Handshake None

Probably something simple but I've tried lots of different settings and can't get the cat control working ?