Weird transmissions originating in NE US on 07/04

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Weird transmissions originating in NE US on 07/04

EDITED 03z 07/05 Thanks to VK4ZBV for the clarification below. The transmissions in question were sending telemetry and the station was identifying during other cycles.

Since about 13Z today (July 4th), a station has been transmitting under a series of fake callsigns, all claiming to be from grids in China or Antarctica. The station appears to be somewhere in the Northeastern US, and is using a new callsign on each TX cycle. So far, callsigns include 0I3RTJ, 0U3QZO, 0R3WIB, 0K3TMA, 0G3MWQ, 0A3VYN, 033TCN, 0Y3MNL, 054YVO, 0M3YIV, 0D3CKI, and probably others.

Almost none of these are even legit prefixes, and it isn't purely database errors, as I'm receiving them from my QTH in Tennessee on both 20 and 30m, on a beverage pointed NE with good directionality. All have relatively consistent signal strength from cycle to cycle, and are not heard on another antenna pointed toward the NW.

The station is consistently loudest at the KK1D receiver, and is not heard outside of North America at all, so I'd guess he's somewhere local to KK1D.