TS-570D PTT issue

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TS-570D PTT issue

My PTT is setup on com5 via my Rigblaster com port emulator. (The rigblaster is seen as com5 via a usb to my Vista machine) It works in other apps. I KNOW the difference between software command (which I use on HRD/DM780 for digital modes via usb to serial on com 6, this is a CAT command) and the hardware keying setup on com5.

WSPR will not engage my PTT. If I manually engage it, it WILL DROP the PTT when it finishes transmitting. Very frustrating. I know for fldigi, I had to tell the software to use RST on the com port but there is not this provision on WSPR as far as I can tell.... the 570 doesn't work with VOX from the audio in the back, only on the mic so I need to resolve this somehow!

Any ideas????