Is VE1VDM balloon in my garden ?

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Is VE1VDM balloon in my garden ?

This morning, after some QSOs on 80m with some radio friends in NA, i switch the station to WSPR on 30m to see if VE1VDM balloon is wake up.

And mhhh... yes, i can see the WSPR signal from the balloon... but, what ? WOW +5 db !

Where it is ? Landed in my garden during the night ?

No, it is not exactly in my garden, but after a quick view to!mt=roadmap&z=9&call=a%2FVE1VDM-9&timerange=3600&tail=3600, i see that it is less than 60 km (40 miles) in the south of my QRA. What a surprise !

+6db will be the strongest signal received on 30 & 20 m bands.

Thanks to VE3KCL and other people involved in all these balloon projects. We have a lot of fun to follow them and talk about during local QSOs around there.

73 !