Database functionallity improvement

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Database functionallity improvement

As we now have more of a team able to work on the WSPRnet site, im wondering if its possibly to implement an upgrade in database searching?

Would it be possible to implement a search for spots from callsigns from a single country? or further break it down to call areas?

For example in Database where you can enter CALL and REPORTER callsigns, it would be good to be able to just have 'VK' as a search criteria. Or VK1 or VK2 or VK3 etc.

This is particularly useful for higher band results like 6m or 2m, or I guess any band, to limit clutter from other areas and concentrate search results on information that we are more interesting in seeing. Saves people having to wade through all results just to find reports from their own country.

How about it??


Leigh VK2KRR