Can't save parameters

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Can't save parameters

Hi folks-I just swapped my old noisy desktop XP machine for a Gigabit Brix compact PC (silent) running windows 10. I'm reloading all my digimodes software applications back, one at a time. All good until it comes to WSPR. The program works fine except that will not allow me to save parameters. I can enter my call, Locator and sound card settings. But when I try and save the parameters the following message comes up in what I call The DOS window...

File string, line 972, in save params
IOError [Errno 13] Permission denied: C:\\Program Files (x86)\\WSPR/WSPR.INI'

Sure enough: the parameters are not saved.

Does anyone have any ideas what's happening and how to cure this?

Thanks and 73 - Martin, G4EFE