Maybe a newbie question. Program shutting down?

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Maybe a newbie question. Program shutting down?

Good afternoon,
I am new to wspr, so if these are old issues, please bear with me.

3 weeks ago, I started my first experiments with wtsj-x (I hate this spell checker!!). I had everything working on a Lenovo T420. My gear was receiving and transmitting (although I'm not sure I was getting out very well.)

Last weekend, I was finding that I was still receiving wspr, but every time I tried to transmit, the WSTJ-X would shut down.

This weekend (well, Friday, anyway). I tried with another computer, with the same results. After transmit, the program shuts down.


Two machines. An I5. Lenovo, T420. Lots of memory. Second machine, Lenovo Flex 10 (baby machine). Both windows 10.

Only thing that I can identify that might be an issue is that the software was working, and there was a Windows 10 update in there. Then I found this problem. I'm not pointing my finger at Win10. However, this is the only thing that I can identify as something significant that might affect my syste,.

Has anyone else had any problems with WSTJ-X shutting down?

Graham, 9K/VO1DZA