WSJT-X v1.6.0 directory settings

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WSJT-X v1.6.0 directory settings

even though there is a setting to redirect the ALL_WSPR.TXT to another directory, it does not seem to work.
I can understand it not having any effect if installed in Programs folder, or even if installed out of any programs folder.

But what I did was not install it on C:/, but on drive D:/. Originally with the install script directed to D:/
I assumed that since it still did not put the txt file where I wanted, but in the user local that it was because of the auto install.
I then uninstalled it through the control panel and made a copy of it on D:/.

Verifying that the directory pointer was where I wanted it in the setup of WSJT, I started it up.
But it is still putting the txt file in the user/local...

Has anyone put it somewhere and been able to redirect that txt file to where they wanted it?
I know about the root directory for wspr, but wsjt seems to be a lot different in that aspect.

KG5KOG, keith.