WsprryPi and RaspberryPi3 - how to do?

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WsprryPi and RaspberryPi3 - how to do?

Hi all, i'm a newbie, i've obtained my license not so many time ago, and its a pleasure for me to join this community, wspr has caught my attention and i wanna try to setup a Raspberry for beaconing, but i have some problems in doing this, hope that someone of you experienced wspr'ers could help me.

Preface: my hardware is RaspberryPi3 with the latest Raspbian Jessie, so kernel 4.x, no overclocked, overvolted, overheated, nothing of nothing.

I git-hubbed and compiled the WspprPi program (from JamesP6000 repository), everything went fine, no errors, only a warnings who told me about some missed "static_cast" into a function, nothing that can compromise the functionality of the program, corrected, warnings disappeared. This prog was written for Rpi1 and 2, the initial check doesn't recognize version 3 (that is claimed to be fully retrocomp with version 2).
Well, the program simply doesn't work as expected, i've tried ubuntu mate, three toolchains of gcc (4.6 4.7 and 4.9) but nothing.
No crashing, but the problem is always the same: when i choose a frequency the resulting rf output is duoble the frequency i choose, and the 'whisper' can't be decoded at all, i've connected the Rpi3 to my longwire antenna, i can see the signal on waterfall of wsjt-x of my receiver station, but that signal can't be decoded, i think that something is going wrong with timings ad use of dma device, this thing is going me crazy, really.
I thought the problem was the different hardware and firmware from Rpi2 and Rpi3 and the new kernel who use some dma channel that was previously free, more recents programs as rpitx for example, is fully functional without problem on the new kernel/hardware, reading rpitx source code (thanks F5OEO, great piece of code) i've understood dma can't be used in the same way under different OS versions (wheezy vs jessie) but in this forum i see people who claim to use WsprryPi with his Rpi3 with no problems....well can someone give me an advice please? I'm pretty new to Rpi world, what i miss? There are some settings for a sort of "retro compatibility? Wifi an BT are occupying dma channels who WsppryPi need to use? I'm quite disoriented :-\

Thank you so much for the time you spent reading this, hope to be productive for the community in the near future, and please, don't laugh too much for my spaghetti-english :-)
73' Marco de IU5HKU