I am an ID10T

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I am an ID10T

Heck of a way to introduce myself, but I've done worse...

Can you possibly remove any and all spots in the db uploaded by myself from 1 October, 2016 up until the time of this posting? Not a single one of them is accurate. (This is the short version; for an explanation, please read on.)

I am currently without a radio. However, the internet is a wonderful place. You can listen to continuous coverage HF receivers online. You can also set up WSPR and WSJT-X to listen through your sound card to those receivers. None of this is necessarily a problem... if that were the end of the explanation... I listen to those receivers using a 4G/LTE "air card", aka "MiFi", "hotspot", etc. None of the spots indicating my home QTH as the receive point were actually made from my home QTH. Not a single one. They were made by dialing in the WSPR frequencies across multiple bands on available SDRs all over the world from various truck stops and even a few restricted areas we won't discuss, and not thinking about what the "upload spots" check box really meant.

I sincerely hope this hasn't caused anyone any inconvenience, and I apologize for introducing what is basically false data into the database.

On a much higher note: there is a new(to me) Yaesu FT-857 sitting at home just waiting for me to get home and install in my 18-wheeler. I think I'll leave the "upload spots" box unchecked, though, at least until someone writes a GPS subroutine into the software. Like I'm going to remember to keep changing my grid square every time I park... riiiiiiiight.

Apologies once again.

73 de AI4FU (Jim)