wspr no longer decodes

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wspr no longer decodes

I am an experience ham and have been using wspr for about two years without problems. I use wsjt-x normally and about three weeks ago I woke up and turned on my transceiver and all of a sudden wspr would no longer decode any signals. Things I have tried: Used two different computers, a Windows XP, and a Windows 7; tried WSPR 2.0; made sure time settings are accurate; uninstalled and reinstalled programs; restored both computers to dates decoding was working.

I am pretty much running out of ideas. To tell the truth wspr is the only mode I enjoy any longer so doing without it has been disappointing. Are there any other steps I can try to get wsjt-x and wspr 2.0 decoding. (note: It's not the fault of my transceiver, cable, or antenna. JT-65HF and FLdigi work fine and WSPR-2.0 shows numerous streaks but no decodes.

Thank you for any assistance.

Dave KW4TJ