Decoding error??

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Decoding error??

I'm really new to WSPR, less than 5 days, so forgive me if this is a stupid question.
My station is receive only using an SDFRPlay with a homemade 20mtr dipole. I get good coverage to the east receiving Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden etc. This afternoon my station decoded the following

UTC db DT Freq Drift Call Grid dBm Dist
1348 -32 -1.3 14.097098 0 RL6TSA FO21 27 2803

Now the grid is in Quebec, Canada but the callsign looks like Russia and no one else has reported hearing RL6TSA, so it looks like this is an error. This is the only station I've received west of me.

My question is - Whats the chance of a decoding error occurring?