Ten Tec Omni 6 + xmt problem

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Ten Tec Omni 6 + xmt problem

I would appreciate if anyone who is using a OMNI 6 can help me. Presently, the Omni output data terminal is connected to a serial port on my computer and I have CAT control of the OMNI.

The Audio Output phono connector on the back of the Omni goes through a isolation xmfr to the Mic input (Pink) female jack on the computer sound card. Receiving is not an issue. I have have uploading spots for several weeks.

The Audio Input phono connector on the back of the Omni also goes through isolation transformer to the computer speaker out (Lime Green) female jack on the sound card.

When I hit the TUNE button in WSPRx, the Omni is keyed ON but there is NO power being transmitted with audio. I scoped the phono jack that I plug in the Audio Input connector and there is lots of audio just like there is supposed to.

Markus VE7CA