Selective readout of WSPR database for a longer time frame?

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Selective readout of WSPR database for a longer time frame?

I have my WSPR TX running now for almost half a year and I am very impressed about using it to monitor the propgation changes.
Do this morre computerized I have the follwoing question.
I want to selectively retrieve qso data out of the WSPR database and try to find how this could be performed. I searched a lot throught the forum but I could not find a docuemnt or description how this is down. I have found that I can download monthly ZIP files which gives me all database contents of this selcted months. That would be a possibility but I think there might be a different possibility.

What do I want to read out or query:
For eample I want to retrieve for the complete year 2016 all qsos on 20m which are reported from a selective reporter station on my callsign DB2GM. I think this shows also that the numbe rof data sets is quite limited so taht I cannot overlad the database itself.

So for example I want to retrieve
band 20m, count unlimited, call db2gm , reporter ZL3DMH , last year or a defined time frame for example 6 months , (2 weeks from teh standard query is too small duration for my expected reporting).
sort by time

The idea behind this is I want to see the propagation distribution and change over a certain longer time frame on a specific link , so between my station and a specific reporter station.

I would very much appreciate an advice how I could so something like this with my PC.

Thank you very much for your help and assistance
vy 73 Michael DB2GM