Spurious reports/plots

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Spurious reports/plots

I see on the overview maps and sometimes on maps relating to individual stations that a number of spurious fixes or reports can (well) be plotted.
These seem often to be vaguely correct callsigns and are shown in the weirdest of places, i.e. in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, or the Arctic Sea. These are easy to pick out and ignore.
Othertimes the spurious reports can be found in the more densely populated areas of our globe but with an inaccurate callsign.
My question is do these come from 'noise' on the report feeds into the server and display?
Or are they coming into the legitimate reporting stations and from these going to the WSPRnet server?

The next category must be those few stations who haven't yet seen where their Locator codes actually place their stations. Like in the middle of the North Sea!