problems with W10?

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problems with W10?
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I had been running wspr (rx only) on a 64b AMD PHENOM using an e4000 dongle SDR and upconverter with D4 as the time sync. It worked fine for a long time. Then along came the W10 update and I can't make it decode anymore. I can see the traces on the horz waterfall but I never get any station decodes. I am running version 2.0_r1714.

I thought I'd uninstall and download and install again but I figured I'd ask here first.

I will download 4.0 and give it a try. At the moment I can't find the ver 4.0. Is this ver 4.0? .

I also noticed that the waterfall looks a bit more wiggly than before. Maybe my receiver LO has got some noise in it. I attached a jpg, what do you think?