Problem with wsjt-x and Mint

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Problem with wsjt-x and Mint

I have a problem with wsjt-x...
My setup is an Asus A6J laptop with a core2 duo processor (old, I know).
It is dual booted with WindowsXP (old again!) and Linux Mint 17 Mate.
Both systems have wsjt-x installed. On XP I use Dimension4 for time correction. On Mint, ntp is used.
Wsjt-x works well on XP.
On Mint I can receive spots no problems. Timing seems to be spot on over long periods. one is spotting me. A carrier is being transmitted at the chosen level and the timing seems right.
I have checked the settings and can find nothing wrong.
Before I re-install wsjt-x can anyone think of a possible cure that I can try?