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New Guy on WSPR

Hi everyone,
I got interested in WSPR thru the prodding of a friend and set up my station - a ICOM IC-7200 with twin phased 1/4 wave 40m verticals (firing in-phase for WSPR), and my Android tablet running WSPR Beacon by Andrea Salvatore. I wanted to make sure my transmissions are indeed 100mW but do not have a watt meter capable of measuring that. But I do have a RF current meter. So I set my audio so I have .05A of RF current during transmission. Into a 50ohm load that figures out to .125W. So I hope I am doing it right, and that is about as close as I could get to my "advertised" 20 dBm.

I am running my beacon when I am in the shack with my tablet.

My wife and I live off-grid in Northern Wisconsin and we do not have regular internet. So I must use 4G cell phone data to post to a forum like this, or to check to see who has "spotted" me. I am looking for an app on Android that will allow me to see what stations I have received, that does not depend on internet. If anyone knows of such an app I sure would appreciate a suggestion.