Night and day settings during band hopping

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Night and day settings during band hopping

Hi all,

So I want my system to transmit only when I am actually in my QTH. This happens only at night most days.

Too lazy to turn TX on and off everytime I come home. So I'm using the band hopping option.

I select one band only (40mb) and set other options. The "Night" and "Day" option confuses me though. There is no mention of it in FAQ. So last night I configured it to TX at "Night", it is now around 0022GMT as I post this, and I get no reports. This time is usually (based on previous months worth of spots) a good time for my signal to be spotted. So it seems the "Night" and "Day" setting is based on local time.

1 Can anyone can confirm this observation?

2 Also, any way we trick WSJT-X to transmit according to GMT time (without changing my PC time)?