WSJT-X and WSPR only Tuning sound when TX

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WSJT-X and WSPR only Tuning sound when TX

Hi Guys

I have a really strange Problem when using WSJT-X 1.7 or 1.6 with WSPR Mode.
Using an FT-991 (5 Watt) with USB without any Problems working other Modes and also other
Programs like HDR in JT65 ,PSK etc. Cat and USB Sound all working ok.

Now when i use WSJT-X with Mode JT65 i have no Problems Receiving and Spotting
some Stations. I am also beeing reported on the pskreporter website without any problems.

What is not working at all is the use of WSPR in combination of WSJT-X 1.7 or 1.6
Everythink is set up correctly i can Decode all Stations but not a single Spot is beeing
Uploaded on WSPRnet. I checked all my settings and Locator all is correct on the Programm and
Website. I also uploaded manually to database and deleeted old files but never was able to spot
a single Station over WSPRnet. Spotting on pskreporter working in JT65 with WSJT-X working without

The Next thing when trying to work on WSPR Mode in WSJT-X .When going in TX Mode the sound that is transmitted
sounds the same like the sound when you hit the Tune Button in the Programm ! So i think this is the Problem
i have not been spotted at least ! I am not sure how the WSPR Signal shoud sound but i dont't think this Tone is the right
one. I tryed for hours yesterday before i figured out that WSPR is not working with my FT-991. When Using other
Programs i always here the right TX Sound but on WSPR i only get this strange Tuning Sound when Transmitting in WSPR Mode.
I also tryed the Original WSPR Programm but i don't get it to work with my Yaesu FT-991 (missing Radio and Cat).

I only found WSJT-X which has support for my FT-991 and working in WSPR which i really like. So what i am doing wrong here ?

UPDATE: I got WSPR Mode with WSJT-X 1.7 to work with FT-991. Solution was to use HDR in combination with WSJTX. After this i was also
getting spotted again on website. I am using normal USB Mode now not Digi-USB ! Important for that Menu 108 SSB Mic select to REAR.