Doppler on 6m WSPR signals

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Doppler on 6m WSPR signals

Hi All,

I keep on getting regular V shaped WSPR traces on 6M.

They all shift about 900Hz LF and then back HF again.

One sample period produced four almost parallel traces, but with slight variations in the exact shape.

From the amout of doppler and frequency of occurance I suspect they are reflections from Low Earth Orbiting Satellites.

I calculate the velocity as being around 5,400m/S. Most LEO's I think have a velocity of around 7,000m/S but that's not measured at an angle to them, so 5,400m/S may be about correct (but my maths may be flawed).

I have some screen grabs if anyone wishes to see them.

Anyone got any better theories ?


Martin - G8JNJ