Too Noisy For WSPR?

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Too Noisy For WSPR?

I'm trying to experimentally monitor WSPR from an older Kenwood R-2000 receiver via its RECORD out into the LINE-IN or MIC inputs of my computer and have so far had absolutely no luck. I'm in California, which has dozens of people using WSPR and I should think I could be able to pick them up on HF bands, but many hours of monitoring both WSPR and WSPR-X programs over several days and nights has produced zero (0) hits from anywhere.

The program seems to be installed properly and I get the moving waterfall with a few smudges on it, but nothing else. I have the receiver set up to receive WSPR's indicated "dial" frequencies on USB and it appears that my readout frequency is reasonably accurate. Though my antenna is far from optimum, when these bands are active I can pick up some CW and SSB, so at least fairly local WSPR reception should be possible...right?

I'm stumped.

The only thing I can see that could account for it, after reading the instructions, is the red indicator in the lower left showing "RX Noise: 40dB" when the program is in its receiving cycle. At these times the receiver's S-meter reads 0 or 1, so even though there's nothing but static coming out of the speaker, it's not from QRM or excessive QRN on these frequencies (though HUGE local noise plagues the HF bands below ~7MHz).

I can't come up with any explanation for this ongoing failure and would welcome ideas.