CQ Magazine 160 meter SSB Contest

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CQ Magazine 160 meter SSB Contest

I use WSPR for a variety of experimental and operational tasks. However, the CQ Magazine 160 Meter SSB contest this weekend completely wiped out the small 200 Hz wide WSPR segment on 160 meters.

I contacted Andy Blank, N2NT, who is listed on the contest website as the Contest Director to explain my concern. Here was part of his response:

"I am only a volunteer director who checks log for an amateur radio contest.
It takes up a LOT of my valuable time.
I do not work for CQ Magazine, I do it for the love of the hobby.
I don't control the use of any spectrum."

I understand and respect the underlying emergency preparation training and practice that contests provide. However, contesters need to be aware and respectful of other users on the spectrum. Seems to me that CQ Magazine and the contest organizers could at least make their contesters aware that they are not the exclusive users of the band.

Larry Plummer